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Collars in fashion are usually thought of as the folded top of the neckline on a shirt. This assumption is usually correct, but collars have way more presence in the fashion industry than that. Throughout fashion history, collars were worn by the proper. Wearing a sophisticated collar showed class and stature. The style of collars worn then, is extremely similar to what’s available in our Collar Collection of neckwear accessories.

Our Stand Up Collar is an excellent example of the style of collars that were popular within the upper class. The ruffling on the top and bottom with the cinching in the middle, creates an elegantly cool aesthetic. Proper collars are an added attachment to your ensemble, which makes them a truly unique accessory. Today’s modern designs allows you to be as fashion forward as possible with your style choices.

Collars don’t have to be worn with proper attire necessarily. Try getting creative by wearing one with a t-shirt, pair one with a folded collar on a button up, or with a cardigan. Mixing the relaxed feel of casual clothing with an elegant accessory is a fun way to play with different styles. Check out our selection of collars HERE to grab a few ideas for your next ensemble.

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